Berkswell Season Opener!

Date: Friday 12th April

Venue: The Lant

Time: 7pm onwards

Flow of events:

- Guests arrive from 7pm

- Live music 7.20 - 8.00pm (background acoustic guitar, popular songs)

- 8pom MG to open the night with a few words to explain the evening.

- 8.15 ish food - relaxed informal dining, curry choices

- Live music 8.15 - 9.00pm

- 9.00pm "The Alternative Review of 2018!!" and major awards (MG, SG, MN)

- 9.30pm Final live music set and socialising

- 10.15pm Live music finishes but party keeps going!

On the go during the night:

- Berkswell 3 dart challenge: £1 per play, 3 darts, highest score wins some cash, as many goes as you like. Ill try to project the leaderboard onto the tele/big screen to keep people engaged!

Contact Matt Ginn for Tickets on 07717 420511 or

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